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Whether it Looks to great really was – It Most likely Is


The NYS Attorney General’s Office is addressing the increase of crooks who victimize seniors (especially women) obtaining a seminar titled “Scam, Frauds and Consumer Protection.”

The commonest scams are: advance free loans, prize/sweepstakes, business options, property, charge card and stock offers, magazine sales, travel/vacations, work from home schemes, and counterfeit sweepstakes. Probably most likely probably the most apparent ways is certainly a scheduled appointment from telemarketers. ( call 888-382-1222) Fraudulent methods are becoming more and more devious because the unsuspecting heartstrings of having belief in, seniors are pulled upon.

One plan known as “The Granny Scam” should be to contact fairly shortly before bed time. Once the older lady solutions, they start speaking hurriedly towards the receiver. “Granny! Granny!” Granny solutions, “Sally! Is basically that you? You do not appear right!” “Yes! I recognize” solutions sneaky Sally “I have possessed an automobile accident i need money immediately!” “What can I truly do?” “Please wire cash with this address…” Granny goes is $500 or higher, based on what she’s lovingly delivered to “accident victim” Sally.

Another scam is certainly a scheduled appointment within the “Commissioner of Jurors”, who notifys you of missing your jury duty assignment, despite the fact that weren’t aware your maintained for everyone – if you just “let me know your ssn” they’ll take proper proper proper care of your missing name. This scam has happened in 21 states, along with the figures are increasing. Never hands your ssn around the telephone.

The part within the Attorney General’s Office should be to defend and be an advocate for the consumer. They mediate in which a situation of consumer fraud is apparent, and litigate if multiple people is involved, shutting lower a company permanently. Benevolent organizations who’re negligent in the way they prove can also be available to dissolution. For example, someone emailing from “The Middle For Missing Youth” needed advantageous in the well-known “Center For Missing and Exploited Children” wishing your potential customers would confuse the 2. The very first is not only a legitimate organization, and were relying on people unsure the main difference. The Lawyer General’s Office go for restitution for the consumer which has been duped. The organization or business might be fined, pay a cost and fund your attorney.

Another role within the Attorney General’s Office should be to educate. You will find sweepstake and lottery scams, particularly benefiting from seniors. The general rule to use is the fact nobody wins a sweepstakes without entering.

Renegade contractors can also be a blight on society’s older Americans. Never pay upfront for almost any contract whether it’s to change houses roof, vinyl side your house, or add a new yard, furthermore to one another enhancements to your property. Also, ensure that you obtain the itemized list along with a contract explaining what the contractor purports to do, the amount you’ll pay out for materials, and more importantly, to start dating ? of completion. Make sure the contractor has sufficient insurance in situation he’s hurt in the office, and hubby comes with a escrow think about your deposit. Anything he’s shouldn’t enter their very own individual or business checking account. It will always be wise to obtain more when compared to a single estimate.

The newest scam hitting unsuspecting seniors may be the Thief Alarm Scam. Problems came to exist when we visits a homeowner’s doorstep saying the safety system ought to be updated. The individual may look official, putting on the shirt which has exactly the same emblem in the security plan. However a couple of days later you are receiving an invoice within the organization as well as the organization you to begin with signed with. What is happening may be the second company (who’s legitimate) has replaced your previous company’s wiring – you’re legitimately accountable for TWO security balances! Always call and uncover before letting someone focus on your equipment.


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