Should You Be Worried About Headaches after a Car Accident?


Headaches following a car accident are common. They can be due to different factors like the accident’s physical impact or underlying injuries. If you have been in a car accident, you must understand what may have caused your headaches and take action right away for your health and well-being. A Delventhal Law Office, LLC attorney can assist you as you navigate through the complex legal process. They can prepare the necessary paperwork for you, collect evidence, and file an accurate claim. This way, you can concentrate on getting better. 

Common Kinds of Headaches Following a Car Accident

Primary headaches are those that directly affect the head while secondary headaches are triggered by other conditions. Secondary headaches are often more severe than primary headaches below are the common kinds of primary headaches:

  • Migraines. Usually, serious headaches are characterized by nausea, pulsating pain, and sensitivity to light or sound. A car accident can trigger these headaches because of sudden jolts, emotional stress, or impact. 
  • Tension headaches. Typically, these headaches are related to muscle stress and tension. Often, they cause mild to moderate pain and tightness around the head. 

Post-traumatic headaches are examples of secondary headaches. They usually happen due to traumatic injuries sustained in a car accident. They can be persistent and may present the same symptoms as tension headaches or migraines. Usually, they require medical attention and assessment to determine how serious the underlying trauma may be. 

Common Causes of Headaches Following a Crash

Headaches that car accident victims can experience can be due to the following:

  • Soft tissue injuries. These injuries usually happen in crashes and can lead to headaches. They involve damage to tendons, muscles, and ligaments, especially in the upper back regions and neck. A common type of soft tissue injury is whiplash, which usually causes post-accident headaches. Other soft tissue injuries that can cause headaches include pinched nerves and herniated discs.
  • Brain injuries. Car-accident-related head trauma can lead to different brain injuries including concussions, traumatic brain injuries, and brain hemorrhage. These injuries cause headaches and other symptoms such as cognitive issues, nausea, sensory disturbances, and seizures. 
  • Psychological injuries. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) may develop after a person experiences a traumatic event such as a car accident. Its physical symptoms include headaches. In addition, the stress related to a crash injury and the process to recover monetary compensation may result in anxiety and depression. These conditions can manifest as headaches. 
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