Reasons to Hire a Social Security Disability Attorney


If you can’t work because you’re sick or hurt for a while, you might be thinking about asking for help from Social Security. This might be new and a bit scary for some people. Especially when you’re not sure what will happen and if you need a lawyer to help you. However, having a seasoned lawyer like Rogers social security disability attorney, by your side throughout this journey can be invaluable. Here’s why:

Navigating the Appeals Process: If you’ve talked to individuals who have successfully received disability benefits, you’ll likely find out how crucial the appeals stage is for securing these benefits. Most initial applications get rejected, making the appeals process an indispensable element in obtaining benefits. 

The road to approval often includes multiple appeals, each with its own strict deadlines. A reliable attorney has measures in place to ensure that all appeals are submitted timely. 

Legal Support During Your Hearing: Prior to the hearing, your attorney engages in a detailed discussion with you to prepare you for what’s to come and address any questions you may have. These preparatory conversations also equip the attorney with the insights needed to guide your testimony effectively during the hearing.

Then during the hearing, your attorney has the opportunity to present opening and closing remarks on your behalf. Most hearings will feature the testimony of one or more expert witnesses. Vocational experts, who specialize in job-related matters, often play a pivotal role in such cases. 

Only a seasoned Social Security lawyer has the skills necessary to cross-examine these professionals effectively. Judges frequently depend on the input of medical or psychological experts as well, and an experienced attorney knows how to question these experts too. So, by performing all these actions, your attorney provides you with all the required support during the hearing phase. 

Assistance with Initial Application: Your lawyer can initiate the process by submitting the initial claim on your behalf. They ensure that your application is both comprehensive and accurate to expedite the approval process and maximize your potential benefits. 

Your attorney is also well-versed in what specific information and documentation the Social Security Administration requires so that no delays or denials occur due to miscommunication. 

Evidence Coordination: Your legal representative ensures that the Social Security Administration has all the necessary evidence to grant you your benefits. This involves submitting detailed information about any medical providers you’ve seen or hospital stays you’ve had. Your attorney also liaises with your healthcare providers to gather any additional documentation that could strengthen your claim. 

In some instances, presenting testimonies from witnesses or obtaining records from previous employers can be advantageous. Attorneys are experts in identifying the kinds of evidence that will bolster your case and have a strategy for getting it before the decision-makers at Social Security. 

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