Four Factors that Make Truck Accidents Dangerous


There are a lot of reasons accidents that involve commercial trucks are dangerous. While the trucking industry is heavily regulated, a lot of truck accidents still occur in Atlanta. How commercial trucks are made and the way they function can cause more serious accidents that lead to severe injuries for victims. Truck accidents usually happen because of the trucker’s negligent or reckless actions such as speeding, distracted driving, and driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. 

Common injuries that victims can sustain include traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, spinal cord injuries, amputation, burns, and back injuries. These injuries impact the quality of life of the victim and leave them with significant damages such as medical bills and lost wages. If you are a truck accident victim, you should learn more about your legal options today by consulting with a truck accident attorney. The following are factors that make truck accidents particularly dangerous:


On average, a semi-truck weighs around 20, 000 pounds if not loaded. When fully loaded, it can weigh up to 80, 000 pounds. Because of this significant weight, a truck can cause a significant impact during an accident. When a truck accident, liability may fall on the trucking company if they did not follow the size requirements set by the government. 


A big commercial truck cannot easily avoid obstacles on the road. When a trucker has to make a sudden movement, they can cause an accident. But the driver can still be held liable if they did not pay attention to obstacles. If they were intoxicated, drowsy, or distracted, they may not be able to maneuver the truck properly and promptly. 

Stopping Distance

Commercial trucks cannot come to a full stop immediately. Because of this, truck drivers should have enough time and space to stop when there is backed-up traffic or a suddenly stopped vehicle in front of them. When a trucker causes an accident for failing to keep a proper stopping distance, they can be held liable for injuries their victims can sustain.

Blind Spots

A commercial truck has big blind spots that motorists may stay in for a long time. Thus, truck drivers need to check their blind spots consistently, especially before they change lanes or merge.  When a truck accident happens because of lane changes, the truck driver is held responsible for causing it due to their failure to keep an eye on their blind spots. 

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